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Ripe Living After 50 & Juicy Tomatoes

Both Tomatoes book covers
Susan at a book reading.Susan Swartz is an author and journalist living in Northern California. Her columns on outspoken women, Boomer angst and social issues appeared in the Santa Rosa (Ca.) Press Democrat and were distributed nationally by the New York Times News Service. She is a public speaker and public radio commentator.
Her two Juicy Tomatoes books were published by New Harbinger Publications.

 From Goodreads:
“I met the author and had to buy this book after hearing her speak. I began reading it and found the stories entertaining, funny and encouraging especially for women who are ‘ripened.’
“After reading this book I’ve decided not to worry anymore about being in the 50-60 section on the yoga feedback form and remember that ‘wisdom and power are a lot sexier than a flat stomach.'”

From Google Books:
“These juicy tomatoes are redefining what it means to be a woman over fifty and blazing a trail that promises to change the culture and the lives of those green tomatoes who come after them.”

Chicago Tribune:
“It’s got inspirational tales of hot mamas and mountain-climbing grannies. It extols the beauty of the wrinkle. But then it lays out frank talk about going under the knife. It spills the beans on stuff you might be embarrassed to ask anyone but your best friend (the skinny on chin hairs, say).”


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